Weight Loss Surgery is an Alternative to Diet

Weight Loss Surgery is an Alternative to Diet


Weight Loss Surgery

Many people struggle to lose weight. Some are heavy due to an accident of genetics. Other people may not have the ability to exercise the way they would like to, leading to fewer calories burnt and more calories converted into weight. One of the tenets of weight loss is to eat a healthy diet; however, there are times when diet simply fails to lead to weight loss. When diet and exercise fail, many people will turn to weight loss surgery instead. Why might diets fail to lead to weight loss and why is weight loss surgery successful instead?

The Failure of Diets

Before exploring why weight loss surgery is successful when diets fail, it is important to examine the reasons behind failed diets in the first place. Many people have tried several different diets, watching them fail one at a time. These diets fail for different reasons, including:

The Diet is Too Hard to Stick To: One of the biggest reasons why diets fail is that they are difficult to stick to. Many people know what this is like. For example, people may say that “calories on weekends don’t count” or that “calories at night don’t count.” The fact is, every calorie counts, despite what people tell themselves. If the diet is hard to maintain, it will fail.

The Diet is Hard to Implement Properly: Many diets are structured with a certain number of calories or certain types of foods in mind; however, it can be difficult for people to decide what foods are within the diet and which foods aren’t. For example, can people tell how many calories are in every helping purely based on its size? The caloric density of a meal largely depends on what it’s made out of. If people don’t know what ingredients went into their food, it can be difficult to decide how many calories are in the meal.

The Diet Works Differently for Different People: Everyone is different. Some people have different metabolic rates or may process certain foods faster than others. The paleo diet, the Atkins diet, and all sorts of other diets use different quantities of different foods. Someone’s ability to lose weight on these specific diets is going to depend on how they metabolize those specific foods. If someone doesn’t process these foods very quickly, the food sticks around as additional weight.

The Success of Weight Loss Surgery

There are many different types of weight loss surgery and these weight loss surgery options are going to be successful for different people. One of the biggest factors that people are going to have to weight is the weight loss surgery cost. How much does weight loss surgery cost? The answer to this question is going to depend on the type of weight loss surgery and someone’s insurance status. Many insurance carriers believe that weight loss surgery is purely cosmetic and will not pay to have it performed. Someone will have to prove to the insurance company that they actually need the weight loss surgery. This requires demonstrating that diet and exercise have been tried and failed.

The Preferred Weight Loss Surgery

One of the safest weight loss surgery options is the gastric band, sometimes called the weight loss surgery sleeve. In this surgery, the stomach is made smaller by a gastric sleeve. Some people call this the best weight loss surgery because it has developed a proven track record of results. Why does this surgery succeed when other diets fail?

A Smaller Stomach: The main reason this surgery is successful is because it causes people to feel “full” faster. As mentioned above, one of the biggest reasons why diets fail is that people do not stick with them. With a smaller stomach, people aren’t going to be able to overeat because they are going to feel full faster.

A Failure to Process Certain Foods: When the stomach is made smaller, certain parts of the stomach that used to be involved in digestion are no longer involved. This means that the body cannot process those resources, absorb them as calories, or convert them into weight. This is another added benefit of the gastric sleeve.

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