Three Yoga Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Three Yoga Exercises for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

With the many problems that the modern healthcare community faces on a regular basis, people have been exploring new and unique exercise options to try and marry exercise and weight loss. One of the most popular types of exercise that people have been engaging in is yoga. Yoga provides people with a great workout while also improving flexibility. There have been many twists on yoga in recent years, ranging from hot yoga to cardiac yoga and everything in between. Even people who don’t do yoga on a regular basis can benefit from it because the stretching and flexibility it provides can lead to faster recovery times after a workout, leaving people refreshed the next day. Furthermore, yoga can even be used to help with lower back pain causes.

  1. The Supine Hamstring Stretch

For those who don’t know, supine simply means to lay flat on your back. Once in this position, bend one of your two legs up to your chest. Then, take a resistance band or rolled-up towel over the bottom of your foot, which should be facing the ceiling. Then, straighten out the leg slowly as much as possible. The more times this exercise is done, the more flexible the hamstring will get. People should be able to eventually straighten out their leg completely. The more someone can straighten the leg, the more this will straighten their back. People should be able to feel this stretch and it should improve their lower back pain. Hold this pose for a few minutes with each leg to provide lower back pain relief.

  1. The Torso Twist

This yoga pose will also start in the supine position. The individual should place both arms out to their side, forming a “T” position. Then, bend both knees up to the chest. Slowly, roll both knees to the right side (lower right back pain relief) until one of the knees is touching the ground with the other knee directly on top. To make sure this exercise is being performed correctly, make sure that both shoulders remain flat on the ground. This will maximize the amount of stretching in the back because the back muscles will need to connect the shoulders to the legs. Hold the pose on one side for a few minutes. Afterward, slowly rotate the knees to the left side (lower left back pain relief). Hold again for a few minutes, ensuring the shoulders remain flat on the ground. The individual should be able to feel the stretch in their back.

  1. The Sphinx

This is a classic yoga pose that is going to take a slightly different position from the other two. The individual should start in the prone position, lying flat on their stomach. Place the elbows directly under the shoulders. Then, keep the belly button touching the ground and raise the chest and head up off the ground into a “Sphinx” position with the palms, elbows, and belly button on the floor. People should feel the stretch in their lower back. Hold this pose for a few minutes, allowing the blood and oxygen to flow down their neck and spine into their lower back. This is a direct contrast to the other exercises, helping to promote flexibility, strength, and healing in the area of pain.

Many people struggle with lower back pain throughout the country. These yoga for back pain exercises should help people stretch out their lower and upper back pain.

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