Extreme Weight Loss For Wedding, Starvation Diet Trend

Extreme Weight Loss For Wedding, Starvation Diet Trend

Extreme Weight Loss For Wedding

When people have an important event coming up, they often kick their diet and exercise routine to extreme levels. For example, the warmer weather around the corner means that everyone is obsessively trying to put together their “beach” body by trying to slim their abdomen and tone their core. When people have a graduation or wedding coming up, they may try to alter their diet slightly to ensure that they can squeeze into whatever outfit they picked out a while back and still look good. One of the diets that people will employ in this situation is called the starvation diet. This trendy diet seeks to take the idea of minimizing intake to the extreme. When performed correctly, it has the ability to shed pounds quickly.

Calories In Versus Calories Out

While this is a special diet, the overall function of the diet is the same as any other diet. Simply put, calories are converted into pounds or burned off as energy. If the calories out (burned off as energy) are greater than the calories in (calories eaten over the course of the day), the body will store those additional calories as weight. If the body needs to burn more calories for energy than it consumed on a given day, the body will pull the calories from the fat and glycogen stores, leading to weight loss.

The Starvation Diet Involves Intermittent Fasting

The starvation diet has the goal of quick weight loss in mind and represents one of the most popular weight loss plans on the market. This diet has also been called the five and two diet because of its pattern. For five days, the person will eat normally. They will consume a regular, well-balanced diet consisting of a healthy mix of all different kinds of foods. Then, for two days, they will fast to the extreme. On these two days, the person will consume only 500 or 600 calories per day. Remember, the average diet is around 2,000 calories per day. This calorie deficit will cause the body to lose weight as it has to burn fat and glycogen stores for energy on these days. This creates an interesting weight loss before and after picture. People may start to notice that their breath smells fruity on the fasting days because of the ketosis that the body is undergoing. When the body breaks down fat, it releases ketones. These ketones have a slightly fruity smell that people may detect.

The Danger of Fasting

It is important to note that the fasting is only intermittent in nature, only two days out of seven. Some people may be tempted to take this to new levels and try to fast for extended days. This can be extremely harmful to the body because it could slip into something called starvation mode. The body will start to slow down its metabolism to conserve energy and may have to start burning parts of the body for energy that it normally wouldn’t have to. This could wind up being extremely harmful to the person. Be sure to follow the diet closely and eat normally when the diet says to do so.

The Challenges of Staying on Track

This diet can create a shining picture of before and after weight loss; however, it is important for people to stay on top of their weight loss motivation. There are all kinds of weight loss shakes and weight loss supplements that people can invest in to try and meet their calorie quota. People should also remind themselves what they are doing the starvation diet for. It is important to make sure that people put their best foot forward and fit into that special dress when those important pictures come around. Encourage the people around to provide extra motivation to try and hit those calorie targets over the course of the diet.

The Starvation Diet can Get Results

One of the most important weight loss tips, the extreme calorie cutting can cause people to drop pounds quickly. There are reports of people losing dozens of pounds in a few short weeks. Remember that this diet is based on around intermittent fasting and not permanent starvation to get results. Make sure that the body is still provided with the nutrients it needs to function on a day to day basis.

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