Best Extreme Weight Loss For Women You Can Eat Your Way Healthy

Best Extreme Weight Loss For Women You Can Eat Your Way Healthy

Extreme Weight Loss

Losing weight is simple, just a matter of burning more calories than taken in, but it certainly is not easy. In fact, losing weight is harder for women because of physiological differences between men. The gender gap is real, as men have more muscle mass than women naturally, which increases their metabolism and lets them burn calories faster. This is one of the main reasons why the best weight loss programs incorporate exercise. Building lean muscle mass works better than any weight loss supplements on the market and helps women lose weight fast. Of course, no one can out-exercise a bad diet, so let’s look at some powerhouse nutrition for extreme weight loss.

Fruits and Vegetables

Mother always told you to “Eat your fruits and vegetables”, and you know that mother is always right. Packed with nutrients and fiber, these natural foods are some of the best for keeping you full and helping you lose weight.

  • Apples are packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals. Better, a study by the National Institutes of Health concluded that an apple a day keeps pounds away.
  • Bananas keep blood sugar spikes at bay and banish cravings better than the best weight loss pills.
  • Orange intake daily is one of our favorite weight loss tips, but eat them in their natural state, not juiced for a maximum vitamin C and fiber boost.
  • Avocados are another super food you should add to your diet to help with weight loss. A recent study shows that eating avocado keeps you feeling full longer.
  • Remember the kid’s rhyme? “Beans, beans good for the heart.” Turns out, it’s true. From black beans to white or kidney beans, they pack a powerful protein and fiber punch.
  • Chilies are known for their heat, and a study shows that their capsaicin helps burn fat and may help with your before and after weight loss pictures, too.
  • Greens, like leafy spinach and kale, have extremely high amounts of antioxidants and are packed with nutrients and protein
Protein Powerhouses
  • Salmon and sardines, as well as other types of fish, pack a pure protein wallop, with very low amounts of fat or calories. High protein content keeps you feeling full and allows you to avoid the temptation of snacking after meals. Fish oils also help lubricate your joints and keep you flexible. Win-win!
  • Chicken and turkey are healthy and helpful for weight loss, especially the white meat. Replace red meat, and make them staples of your diet to quickly get fit and take your own weight loss before and after photos to brag about your new slimmed-down physique.

Besides the nutritious foods we’ve mentioned above, you should also incorporate healthy oils like avocado, coconut, and olive oil into your healthy meal plan. One other of our great weight loss tips is to use cinnamon generously. This amazing spice speeds up metabolism, helps burn fat, suppresses your appetite and lowers cholesterol levels. Additionally, it controls insulin and blood sugar spikes to lead to cravings. Cinnamon offers a huge boost for women in their weight loss journey. Plus it tastes great on everything from oatmeal to cottage cheese.

Make the foods in this article the core of your eating plan, and you will see amazing and extreme weight loss and be healthier overall in a short amount of time. Remember, you don’t have to cut any foods totally out of your diet, just eat other things sparingly, and load up on the healthy and nutritious bunch instead.

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